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Next Marine provides professional services in marine sciences and offshore engineering activities.


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We aim at supporting with our knowledge and technologies the offshore Oil & Gas industry, Energy & Utilities markets, scientific research and environmental protection.

We provide scientific and technical support by performing desktop studies and geo-consultancy services, subsea structure surveys and inspections, archaeology surveys, nearshore, inshore and offshore services.

Desktop studies & geo-consultancy services

A DTS is a technical feasibility study, which takes into account all human and natural factors that may affect the planned system over its entire life. An excellent DTS is the key to success for any project, especially at sea.

Surface & subsea positioning services

A special care for accurate positioning is paramount for any kind of marine surveys and offshore operations. We provide precision positioning and navigation services both above the sea surface and underwater.

Construction support services

Thanks to our broad experience in this field, we offer a wide range of support services to the offshore construction industry, including positioning services, pre-lay/as-laid/as-built surveys, TDM, PLGR, IRM, etc.

Rig moving & positioning

Oil & gas rigs are some of the biggest moveable structures in the world. We provide professional support services to ensure their safe navigation and accurate positioning.

Subsea structure surveys & inspections

Direct underwater observations and inspections, either by divers or by ROVs, are often combined with other kinds of marine surveys and find their use in all sectors of marine geosciences and offshore industries.

Dimensional control & subsea metrology

Topographic survey methods and hi-res subsea positioning techniques are employed to grant utmost accuracy in marine and subsea structure installation and management.

Marine geophysical & geotechnical surveys

Significant seabed and sub-bottom data can be obtained by means of accurate marine geophysical and geotechnical surveys. Our team can grant best-in-class support in these disciplines, thanks to over 25 years of field experience.

Geodetic & topographical surveys

We provide geodetic and topographic surveys in mainland and coastal areas, by means of both electro-optical and satellite techniques. Topographic methods are also used for ship dimensional surveys and gyro calibrations.

Cable & pipeline route surveys

We provide accurate cable and pipeline route surveys, c/w marine geophysical and geotechnical surveys (BAS) from various marine platforms (vessel, ROV, AUV), aimed to support the design and engineering of subsea systems.

Seabed mapping & hydrographic surveys

A reliable seabed mapping can make the sea transparent to our Customers, thus providing them with all the data and information they need for their marine projects, from the conceiving to the commissioning and beyond.

Geo-hazard & site investigation

Specific geo-hazard studies and site investigations are carried out to assess structure feasibility, safety and correctness. Exhaustive well site surveys are part of this market sector.

UXO surveys

The search for underwater unexploded ordnances has become one of the most required investigation tasks worldwide. We do provide this highly specialized service by means of most technologically advanced survey techniques.

Metocean studies & surveys

A professional metocean study allows port and coastal designers and builders to gather all necessary information to ensure safety, suitability and endurance. Our services are tailored to the complexity of the planned structures.

Environmental surveys

Marine environmental surveys can be classified in two main categories: those for scientific research purposes and those for environmental impact evaluation and assessment. We provide professional services in both sectors.

Underwater archaeology surveys

Methods, skills and technologies for marine geophysical surveys can be successfully employed for underwater archaeology investigations as well. We put our experience at disposal, carrying out surveys and inspections, also by ROV.

Quick Fact

Over 10,000 km of submarine cables have been installed worldwide after our surveys.


Investigated by people and technology

Next major asset is the people working in it, whose affection, experience, and sense of responsibility towards the environment are the main values. Plus, there's technology to enhance their knowledge.

We are Next Marine

A fast growing staff of smart professionals in marine sciences. As a team, we have more than 25 years of experience in marine geophysical surveys and construction support.

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Offshore fleet

An offshore fleet of 17 DP Class 1 and 2 young vessels, from the ever-reliable Vervece to the brand new Ievoli Amber. The majority of our vessels is about 3 years old.

The offshore fleet is powered by our partner Marnavi Offshore.

The tools we use

We provide over and underwater services by combining our survey tools, surface and subsea positioning equipment and processing and charting tools.

Hi-Res Digital Seismic DAS-TBC

We like watching the sea in high-res, with a 2D/3D Digital Seismic DAS/TBC, a 96-Channel Geometrics P-Cable System c/w AirGun Seismic Source.

Survey Catamaran

A Survey Catamaran helps us accomplish our missions.

Surface and subsea tools

  • Geophysical Survey Equipment
  • Surface Positioning Equipment
  • Underwater Positioning Equipment
  • Marine Geotechnical Equipment
  • Oceanographic Equipment
  • Observer Class ROV
  • Data Processing & Charting Equipment
  • Specialized Software Packages

Submarine link Sardinia-Corsica-Italy

We have provided diverse services for a submarine link in the Tyrrhenian Sea, such as desktop study, visual inspection on existing power cables by ROV, onshore/nearshore topographic survey, inshore and offshore marine survey.

Marine Remote

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220kV AC Connections Cluster West of Adlergrund

Our marine survey for cable route design and engineering of multiple grid connections of the offshore wind parks (OWP) “Arkona Basin South-East” and “Wikinger” in the western Baltic Sea.

Marine Remote Earth

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