Innovating to improve

It just takes a different application of knowledge or a new combination of tools and expertise to innovate.


Innovation and development

We aim to provide our Customers with high quality and cost-effective solutions. We do that by applying the latest technologies and methodologies, such as data mining applied to decommissioning and technology design and development.

But it’s also about the people working at Next, who follow a plan of continuous professional development to always keep up with the newest techniques and tools.

Automation processes

Controlling systems designed to manage processes, in order to accelerate procedures and reduce risks.

Service integration

We aim to integrate different services and act as a one stop shop, to provide your Company with complete data and solutions.

Technology development

Our goal is the application of the latest developments in science, to improve your commercial and industrial competitiveness.

Quick Fact

Statistics show an 15% average increase of competitiveness index for companies regularly investing in research & development.


Next projects to be delivered

We’re currently working on two major Innovation projects, the modular jack-up platform, to adapt to different water depths and tidal fluctuations, for any surveying and drilling purpose, and four modular and transportable labs, to carry out operations traditionally held in fixed sites, to examine materials immediately, right on the field.

Modular Jack-Up Platform

  • 400 sqm Deck Space
  • Jack-Up capability up to 30 m Self-Propelled (for final positioning)
  • Modular Design

4x Modular & Transportable Laboratories

  • Geophysical Lab
  • Geotechnical Lab
  • Geochemical Lab
  • Environmental Lab