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We help you to improve with data mining applications, diagnostic and structural monitoring, sonic tests, reconstruction of underground networks and video inspection with robotic cameras.


Data mining for the Industry

Data mining represents the computational process of discovering patterns and hidden information in large amounts of data, involving automatic or semi-automatic methods.
Our approach adds value by helping to maximise the recovery of resources as well as focusing on the safe delivery of best value abandonment work at the end of the life cycle.

Data mining is described by an integrated process: an accurate laser relief on site is the first step, while the parametric modelling of structures, lines of piping and equipments is the following step. Finally, the exporting data is made available: 3D parametric model, Technical Data Sheet of components, 2D graphic arts and schemes of calculation for structural inspections.

Asset inspection & integrity management

Controlling the effective operation of industrial assets, to investigate their ability to perform the required function efficiently and with no risks for health, safety and the environment.

Dimensional control

The collection of dimensional documentation for industrial applications, topographical surveys, piping replacement, for an accurate data evaluation and problem checking.

Material & sample testing

Diagnostic and structural monitoring, sampling of structures, plano-altimetric monitoring, load test, non-destructive testing, reconstruction of underground networks and video inspection with robotic cameras.


Industrial metrology concerns the application of measurement science to manufacturing and other processes and their use. We ensure the suitability of measurement instruments, their calibration and quality control of measurements.

Volume estimation, quantitative structures monitoring

By using the three-dimensional parametric modelling produced by the combination of the 3D laser scanner and the acquisition of the installation specifications of any civil/industrial site, we produce an accurate volume estimation for various applications.
Decommissioning, revamping, or structures monitoring are well supported for the definition of the status quo and the definition of the action plan.

Quick Fact

Over the last two years our data mining has investigated: 80,000+ m of iron structures, 100,000+ m of pipes, 30,000+ pipe connection elements, 50,000+ m3 of concrete and 3,000+ m3 of walls.


Human knowledge and innovation

Our main value and asset is the people we work with, empowered by innovative tools such as laser scanners, topographic stations and photogrammetry instrumentation.

We are Next Engineering

We share a brilliant team of 25 professionals with Next Remote.

Our staff includes a fine group of industrial engineers, topographers and structural engineers, providing over and under ground surveys and plant stability.

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The tools we use

We support our Customers in choosing the most appropriate investigative methods to be used, depending on the planned field and its objectives.

Laser Scanners

Our laser scanning tools include 3D Laser scanners, with installation option on static tripod, airplane & UAVs.


Photogrammetric surveys are performed with a Stereo-View Station.

Topographic & EDM Equipment

  • Topographic DGPS systems
  • Supervised Total Stations
  • Digital Levels

Decommissioning of Industrial Areas

Getting the exact picture of an industrial plant with no risks for safety or health: laser scanning and 3D modelling applied to the survey of industrial plants for decommissioning.

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