Translating what the Earth has to say

We investigate all the data the Earth can provide to assess any risks before preparing a major infrastructure project.


Turning all the data into critical information

Our commitment is to find a solution where safety and environment are protected, as we pursue the principles of environment safeguarding, to ensure that it is always protected while performing all our activities.

Our Earth division provides survey and monitoring services, to support with relevant data any decision involving the energy industry, civil and industrial infrastructures, protection of the territory, minimising loss of life and property from natural disasters, manage water, energy, and mineral resources. Our aim is to enhance and protect our quality of life.

Desktop studies

Desktop studies involve the collation, evaluation and integration of project‑relevant information already available for preliminary assessment of site conditions and conceptual design.

Geophysical & geotechnical surveys

Ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic, resistivity imaging, earthing & soil corrosivity, magnetic, water geophysics, void detection and everything you need for your Earth investigation.

Soil & sediment testing

We provide detailed investigation methods to determine the soil strength, composition and other important soil characteristics. A broad range of analysis, higher detection limits and stringent quality control are the drivers for an accurate geological and geochemical characterisation.

Seismic surveys

Seismic surveys aim at discovering the Earth’s properties by measuring the response of the materials to elastic disturbances (seismic waves).

Environmental surveys

Environmental characterisation studies and surveys include characterization of excavated earth, survey and sampling interstitial gas, pumping tests and permeability tests in boreholes, remote monitoring of environmental and hydrogeological parameters.

UXO surveys

The aim of the UXO surveys is to detect any explosive ordnance on the investigated areas.

Construction support

We provide specialised internal services and support to ensure the timely and effective delivery of the construction, maintenance and preservation programmes in accordance with consistent standards, specifications and procedures.

Quick Fact

Our experts around the world are never alone: their domestic colleagues can support them with over 150 types of laboratory tests.


Onsite and lab resources to turn data into decisions

Next Earth primary asset is a workforce of over 50 professionals, whose expertise is amplified by the latest in geotechnical and geophysics technology, and a Geotechnical & Material Testing Laboratory for hydrogeological tests, data processing and interpretation.

We are Next Earth

A staff of over 50 experts who can probe land and sea soil, perform geological and geomorphological survey, geostructural surveys, hydrogeological and geotechnical instrumentation on site and hole, geoarchaeological prospecting and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, and any kind of Earth investigation on site.

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Geotechnical & material testing laboratories

Where our experts cannot arrive, our Certified Laboratories (ASTM, AGI, ALGI, UNI:EN, ASTM, CNR, BSH & DIN Standards) give the numerical information and characterization to any kind of earth material. More than 150 static & dynamic tests on cohesive & non-cohesive sediments/grounds, rocks, bitumen and building materials.

The tools we use

We support our Customers in choosing the most appropriate investigative methods to be used, depending on the planned field and its objectives.

Drilling Rigs

Penetration up to 400m (wireline) and up to 80m with casing. Installation options on truck, derrick, platform, jack-up down-hole SPT & CPT capability. Freatimeter, penetrometer & Torvane.

Onshore Seismic DAS

96-Channel Digital Streamer Reflection & Refraction Seismic Mode Several alternative sources selectable.

Georadars and sensors

  • Georadars
  • Geo Resistivity Probes
  • Monitoring Sensors