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Data Mining for Industrial Decommissioning

Three-dimensional Laser Scanning Survey and Parametric Modelling applied to the Decommissioning of Industrial Areas.

Scope of work

Laser scanning and parametric modelling for decommissioning

Integrated process for decommissioning design and survey of industrial plants via 3D scanning, for a full set of benefits in terms of:

  • Safety, before and during the pre-survey stage and during the execution of the survey
  • Workflow, thanks to a number of numerical and digital model that allow to explore time and costs of intervention during each stage
  • Economic Value, a fast survey means a reduction of onsite personnel and speed of data processing and elaboration, with the versatility and accuracy of the data obtained allowing an actual intervention costs estimate, representing a tool for the evaluation of estate assets and the parametric model being a digital Plants Register
  • Sharing, as with cloud computing there’s an improvement in flexibility and collaboration with clients, colleagues and suppliers, while models can be displayed on mobile devices and the progress can be easily checked online.
Perspective drawing of the industrial area to be decommissioned.


What we did to get to the end result

Data mining applied to decommissioning is a service provided by the expertise and technologies of Next Engineering and Next Remote.

On-site survey

  • 3D laser scanner survey
  • Acquisition of the worksite specs
  • Survey of materials, specifications, pipe and equipment features

Parametric modelling

  • 3D parametric model of structures
  • 3D parametric model of pipelines
  • 3D parametric model of equipment

Data export

  • 3D parametric model
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • 2D study
  • Structural studies
  • Solid photo
  • Check of time, costs of intervention and interference during different states of progress and when the work is done
  • Cloud computing

Quick fact

Industry best practices demonstrate a potential cost saving for Customers up to 50% by applying intelligent data management & mining to decommissioning.


How we achieved the end result

Our methodologies and innovation combined to reach the most efficient way to accomplish the Client's requirements.

Data mining techniques applied to decommissioning

In scientific, industrial and operating fields, data mining represents the computational process of discovering patterns and hidden information in large amounts of data, involving automatic or semi-automatic methods. These high level techniques are widely applied to the decommissioning process of the industrial plants.

The decommissioning phase is described by an “integrated” process: an accurate relief on site is the first step (3D laser scanner survey, acquisition of specific site parameters, characterization of materials and components of the plant systems); the parametric modeling of structures, lines of piping and equipments is the following step.

Finally, the exporting data is made available: 3D parametric model, Technical Data Sheet of components, 2D graphic arts and schemes of calculation for structural inspections.

Preventive check of interferences on site yard

The 3D intelligent model can be useful to predict the yard organization, as during the phases of intervention, demolition or construction, it allows checking the interferences between static system and dynamic system.

During all the phases the model will undergo continuous variations, so safety control is coordinated by a software that simulates the various stages of intervention, the clash detections, the avenues of work, equipment and personnel employed.

Our commitment

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

We adopt QHSE Management Systems which embody all aspects of Quality Assurance, Competence Monitoring and Risk Assessment, as well as comprehensively addressing Health, Safety & Environmental issues.

Next is committed to always deliver products and services of a consistently high quality, aiming to meet and possibly exceed the Client’s requirements and expectations. The health and safety of employees and other persons involved are safeguarded, and proper regard is paid to the conservation of the environment.

Our QHSE Management Systems are fully in-house managed.


The assets involved in the project

The equipment used to achieve the final result.


Task Manufacturer/Model
Decommissioning Riegl Laser scanner VZ–400
Decommissioning Leica Geosystems Laser scanner HDS300
Decommissioning Faro Cam Laser scanner Focus 3D
Decommissioning Gilardini Thickness Gauge DG51
Topographic Survey Leica Geosystems GPS Systems 1200
Topographic Survey Leica Geosystems GPS Systems 530
Topographic Survey Leica Geosystems Total Station Assisted Servo TCRA–1201
Topographic Survey Leica Geosystems Total Station Assisted Servo TCRP–1101
Topographic Survey Leica Geosystems Total Station Assisted Servo TCA 1800
Topographic Survey Leica Geosystems Digital Level DNA03
Geophysical Prospection M.A.E. Multichannel Seismograph A6000S
Geophysical Prospection M.A.E. Georesistivimeter X612-EM Plus
Geophysical Prospection I.D.S. Ground Penetrating Radar RIS MF HI-MOD

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