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  • Surveyor

    Key role

    Navigation and data acquisition

    Position reports to

    • Operations director
    • Company Organogram

    Responsibilities and objectives

    • Participate to the mobilisation activities. He is responsible for positioning and data acquisition systems installation and interfacing onboard the vessel;
    • Conduct the calibration of survey sensors and compile the relevant report to be delivered to the Party Chief;
    • Compile the log book during the operations taking care that all the operations carried out are well reported with timing and descriptions;
    • Operates the positioning and navigation systems and guarantee that data from survey sensors are received and recorded by the relevant deck units and systems;
    • He is familiar with most common positioning systems and devices (GPS, USBL, HiPAP, GYRO, DVL) and navigation software packages (Hydro, QINSy, PDS2000, etc.);
    • Report to the Party Chief

    Education/Experience requirements

    • Current and valid offshore medical certificate;
    • Current and valid offshore survival certificate;
    • Fair to Good English Communication skills;
    • Qualification in appropriate survey-related subject or recognized technician qualification or approved military service qualification.
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  • Survey Engineers

    Key role

    Technical management of the survey equipment onboard

    Position reports to

    • Party chief
    • Company Organogram

    Responsibilities and objectives

    • Responsible for equipment preparation and set up in the workshop;
    • Assist the on line surveyors during the mobilisation activities;
    • Responsible for positioning and data acquisition systems functioning;
    • Carry out when possible equipment repair or spare parts replacement in case of malfunctioning equipment;
    • He is familiar with the most common survey equipment and sensors (MBES, SSS, SBP, USBL, MAG) and their software packages (Coda, ISIS, Merlin, Qinsy, etc.);
    • Report to the Party Chief.
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