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The power and knowledge of over 100 professionals, working with the latest geoscience and engineering technologies.

Our tools

Working together

From onshore to offshore surveys, airborne and remote data capture and monitoring, our tools empower our skills to always deliver a high quality service. A vast fleet of 17 offshore vessels, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and remote sensors are just some of our tools to deliver first-class services.


  • Marine geophysicists
  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Civil engineers
  • Topographers
  • Oceanographers
  • Archaeologists
  • Industrial engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Divers

Offshore Fleet

  • Ievoli Amber
  • Ievoli Cobalt
  • Ievoli Ivory
  • Ievoli Brown
  • Ievoli Sapphire
  • Ievoli Grey
  • Ievoli Amaranth
  • Ievoli Black
  • Ievoli Blue
  • Ievoli Coral
  • Ievoli Orange
  • Ievoli Shuttle
  • Ievoli White
  • Ievoli Green
  • Ievoli Red
  • Simmar Moon
  • Vervece

Case studies

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  • Survey catamaran
  • Geophysical Survey Equipment (MBES, SBES, SSS, SBP, SPK, MAG)
  • Hi-Res 2D/3D Digital Seismic DAS - TBC (96-Channel Geometrics P-Cable System c/w AirGun Seismic Source)
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Onshore Seismic DAS
  • Georadars
  • Geo Resistivity Probes
  • Topographic & EDM Equipment
  • Topographic DGPS systems
  • Supervised Total Stations
  • Digital Levels
  • Marine Geotechnical Equipment (GC, 6m VBC, 6m 75kN CPT)
  • Oceanographic Equipment

Remote survey

  • 3D Laser scanners (on static tripod, airplane & UAVs)
  • Stereo-View Station for Photogrammetry
  • Remote Sensors (Inclinometers, Strain Gauges, Slope Indicators, Deformometers, Phonometers, etc.)
  • Observer Class ROV
  • Monitoring Sensors
  • Observer Class Airplanes (Up to 25,000ft Service Ceiling c/w Photogrammetric, Laser Scanner/Lidar, Multi-Spectral Sensor)
  • Marine AUVs (2x Autonomous Vehicle fitted with Environmental Sensors)
  • Marine AUVs (1/2x Autonomous Vehicle fitted with interferometric SSS/MBES/ SBP) - TBC
  • Helicopter UAVs (25 & 60 kgs Payload Lidar/Laser Scanner HD Photogrammetry Multi-Spectral Measurements)


Twenty-five years of knowledge, expertise and resources.
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  • Surface Positioning Equipment (DGPS, GLONASS, GNDSS, INS, GYRO)
  • Underwater Positioning Equipment (USBL & LBL)


  • Data Processing & Charting Equipment
  • Specialized Software Packages
  • Geotechnical & Material Testing Laboratories